Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christy: Last weeks of school blues.

Maybe it's November but I've been feeling a bit blue lately. I have final essays and exams looming on the horizon and like everyone else at school I'm tired and wanting school to just be over. I have a huge painting to finish for my painting class and it's leaning against my kitchen wall reminding me of how much work I have to do. It's a bit depressing really.
Even listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audio book while I painted didn't make me feel completely happy.
On the bright side, only 2 weeks left! And then Christmas will really seem soon.
Those are my roommate's heels which I just wore to take these pictures. They're actually a bit big on me. Later that day I switched belts, because I couldn't tie the woven belt in a way that I liked.
i know the proportions on this photo are wonky but that happens when you're leaning back and using self-timer.

I hope everyone is escaping November blues more successfully than I am.
Happy thanksgiving to all Americans.


Outfit Details: skirt-thrifted, sweater-thrifted, belt-Russia, Heels-Steve madden


Meg! said...

I love the woven belt actually! It reminds me of a tapestry. Which is awesome. You also have super hot legs. 8E

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love your skirt! x hivennn.

annierama said...

I really like your skirt!
so adorable shots!
check out my blog ;)

Carys said...

I love your skirt, the print is so cute! The heels give it a nice sophisticated edge too.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Harriet said...

Ooh, pretty skirt! Also I lvoe that I can see your toes in the second photo - that's what all my tights look like when I take off my shoes!!

Becky-May said...

beautiful skirt! you have a sweet blog, i love the emma watson post. can we follow each other? i now follow you anyway



jess said...

gorgeous skirt! you have a lovely blog! :) x

KANI said...

i really like the pattern of your skirt, it's beautiful :)

ching said...

that skirt looks divine on you!

Anonymous said...

ohh very beautiful skirt!

i know what you mean about school. i just want it to endddd.


kirstyb said...

fabulous skirt xxxxxx

Bea said...

Aw sorry to hear about your difficulty finding inspiration to finish that painting. Power through, Christy! The finished product will be great, I'm sure!

Bea from A plus B

Hope Adela said...

awwww i hope you feel better! harry potter is so amazing; it should cheer you up pretty soon. =) i love that unique woven belt you're wearing!