Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christy:Essays and white sweaters.

The essays: Social philosophy, Intro to political Ideologies, One flew over the cuckoo's nest, Literary criticism.
I feel like school work is pretty much the least interesting subject on the face of the earth to blog about but it's what's on my mind right now. Actually I just feel school has turned me into a boring person in the last few days. I make conversation by asking people how they're feeling about exams and whether or not they have finished classes. I mean come on?!?! who does that?
me apparently.
I'm excited for Christmas but it seems so far away. What I'd really like to do during Christmas visit is go and visit Laura (my blogging buddy and cousin) in Ontario and enjoy the picturesque landscape that is fields covered in snow and long meandering roads.
We'll see if that happens.

I'm sorry I'm being whiny. I know I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.
I also wish we had more snow. we only have a light dusting and I'm ready for thick snow drifts and trees frosted with icing sugar.
Here's what I want the world to look like
My friend Tim took this picture when we had a snow ball fight in a surprise snow fall a few weeks ago.
Here's what I'm wearing today
Snore....ya I know it's boring. The sweater makes me feel like I should be going skiing though

I promise my next post will be more outfit and less whine.
hope everyone's week is going ok!



Carys said...

I love your chic, simple outfit, it's so nice. And that photo of the snowball fight is lovely!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Chelsea Lane said...

such a cute outfit, what a fun photo! I want snow tttooooo :(


Raquel said...

oh at least you have snow, all I get it's cold and rain :/
and I don't agree with you, this outfit is not boring. simple and comfy, yet sweet!

Anonymous said...

cute outfit. haha i like the pose

you're so lucky you have snow!

xx Kenny

Amber Rose said...

slaf;lsdj /tangent

I feel your pain! But we are so close!

Hope Adela said...

your hair is so pretty! good luck with the schoolwork, and keep your eye on the upcoming christmas break! =)

arnique said...

You look like a ballerina in the second! Graceful even when in a snowball fight. ;P

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

KANI said...

oh this is cute! i am seeing a lot of photos of snow from northern hemisphere bloggers <3

Harriet said...

That photo of you in the snow is such a great action shot! You look so happy, I love it!