Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christy: Grey Scale

In the winter I really love wearing grey, which may seem a little bit counter-intuitive as everything else tends to be grey-ish in the winter (when it isn't white that is) but I find that Grey is a really cozy colour if you get the right shade. It also looks really good with reds and purples.
So here is my very grey-centric outfit.
i decided to try and spice up my use of self-timer with some Christy-dancing shots.
They're more or less successful..I guess.
The excitement of today was having my first driving lesson in the snow. Driving in the snow isn't really that different but I nearly slid into a parked car once. oops!
After my lesson I met up with my friend for coffee and then we joined some of his friends for a snow ball fight. The snow wasn't really the right consistency for snow balls as it was the icing sugar variety. But we did manage to get soaked. I love winter!
Know what else I love? Christmas lights in my apartment!

Stay Warm!


I am wearing my roommate's sweater with an H&M skirt and Ardene OTK socks over tights from sears.


Half Dressed said...

Love the jumper it feels so christmassy :)

L x

Kat said...

cute skirt!!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Your skirt is so cute. Love it.

Brittany said...

cuteness :) love the skirt and sweater!!

blorange dice said...

what, you really recognize the square?.. do you live in arkansas? haha that would be crazy

Raquel said...

love your sweater! the skirt and socks are really pretty too... oh and nice ballet positions!

jamie-lee said...

oh that jumper is so cute. Oooh I've never driven in snow, did you have to put snow chains on your car?

Angela said...

Cute outfit, love the skirt! You guys have a really good blog here.
Stop by my blog if you like. Maybe we could follow each other?
Ang xxx

Harriet said...

That skirt is so pretty, and those socks look lovely and warm!

I love the fairy lights too!

Hope Adela said...

these pictures are so lovely! adore the skirt! =)