Friday, December 10, 2010

Christy: Winter Song

I just downloaded this song

I have a definite weakness for Christmas/winter music. I usually buy my parents CDs of Christmas music which is a tiny bit selfish as I always enjoy them myself.
Today is my last exam and I can't wait for it to be over. I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it but this may be a false feeling of security.

When I was studying earlier I looked up suddenly and saw this little visitor in the window.
I opened the door and stuck my head out but she ran away.
Tea was on sale at IGA so I stocked up.
Love Lady Grey tea! Claire says it tastes like Fruity Pebbles cereal but I'm really ok with that.
Good luck to everyone who is writing exams!
stay warm, drink tea and listen to christmas music to de-stress!
oh also, owning a cat is always nice.



BenchesandChandeliers said...

i love christmas music too :) makes me feel warm and holiday-ish... something i need since the weather doesn't always reflect the season around here!

blorange dice said...

haha it's always nice to stock up on tea - and have kitty visitors!!

and i am SERIOUSLY obsessed with christmas music myself. and movies. and wrapping presents. i just can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

it's sorry to say but i don't indulge in christmas music as much as i should. but i'm really trying!

i would probably scream if i saw that cat haha

xx Kenny

Ali said...

Hehehe, aww! Your little visitor is so sweet. :D :D I like Christmas musics lots, too. <3

Fashion Fabrice said...

This is a great post! i love tea so much:) i drink like 5 cups a day:)Im really happy I ran into your blog! it's a great read and i like your style:)
Im gonna follow your blog!

Hope you visit me and follow me back! That would be amazing:)


Have a fabulous day!

Raquel said...

I also love Christmas songs, I listen to them all the time this time of the year!
Cute visitor ;)

Winnie said...

I used to hate Christmas songs when I used to work in a shopping centre. Not any more so I definitely appreciate them more! What's Lady grey like? Same as Earl grey tea.

Charlotte Henderson said...

Earl Grey has Bergamot oil and Lady Grey is flavoured with bits of orange and lemon... so they actually aren't the same at all... just saying...

Flashes of Style said...

pretty song, cute cat! <33

Chelsea said...

oh my god, that cat looks more freaky than lovely! Maybe you should leave out some food for it and it can become your mate :)

Hope Adela said...

pretty song! =)