Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christy: Dancing in a winter wonderland

Today I dragged my roommate away from studying for her international development exam to take some pictures for me on our balcony.
The snow is just making me feel gleeful. This morning I couldn't concentrate on anything so I made cookies and cut up some paper to make Christmas cards.
Snow makes me giddy!
As you can see our balcony is quite snowy. We did shovel but it's the light powdery snow that shifts and drifts so you almost feel that shoveling is pointless.
The snowy background was so bright that I look a bit dark in these photos.
Here's a candid shot of me laughing that I actually like. (My roommate says to mention that she took this photo and that she is awesome <3 )
Here are my cookies. They were supposed to have more brown sugar in them but we were running low so I just used normal white sugar.

Outfit details: i'm wearing a H&M skirt and cardigan with a smart set t-shirt and a scarf from Italy. My boots are from the Bay


Flashes of Style said...

Cuteness! <33

Carys said...

You look so cute!! I really want to try making cookies now too.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Harriet said...

You look so so pretty in that photo! I love photos that are so full of joy!

I also love your scarf!

Alison said...

This looks like so much fun I wish I had snow! Love your scarf, and those cookies look delicious :)

<3 Alison

Brittany said...

mmm cookies! I love this printed scarf on you!

PrincessMia said...

Ah, love the skirt. Your scarf looks so warm and cozy!

Raquel said...

you have a great smile, and style :) this outfit is great, love everything you're wearing. oh and I'm so jealous of the snow scenario!!

Reg said...

good thing you got your roomie to take your pics! the snow is just divine and goes well with your outfit :)


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

You look lovely! I love the scarf.

xfashionbabex said...

Lovely outfit :)

jamie-lee said...

ohh you look so cute! and those cookies look delicious :)

KANI said...

oh christy i love this outfit! i love how you've worn a standout patterned scarf with an otherwise dark outfit! it's the perfect pop of colour <3