Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Laura (is not dead after all)

OK, so I'm back! *gasp* Back from...well, being here. Or, not here. Basically working (I finally got a job, albeit part time), and trying not to clean my room (yeeeah). Anyway, it's also started snowing rather nastily, so outfit pics are rather difficult as lighting in my house sucks. I will definetly try to get on that though.

In the meantime, I'd been kinda avoidng the blog cause I didn't have anything interesting to post, but I just saw the pics from Oscar de la Renta's Pre-Fall 2011 collection and it's kind of BEAUTIFUL. So I decided I'd drag myself in here to post my favorites for you :)

I could really see Carey Mulligan in this one (above)
(above) this one practicly screams Diane Kruger/Marion Colitard


Christy said...

I"m in love with the colour and cut of the first one. So very beautiful!
I also love the one you said reminded you of Cary and the one above it.

Marloes. said...

LOVE the last dress!! The red color is so strong <3
And welcome back! ;)

SMASH said...

agreed on the carey mulligan dress, I can picture her wearing it too :)


private investigator said...

red dress is so bright
very dressy

Chelsea Lane said...

great post! I second the celebrity styling thoughts :) I wish I could wear something like the red romper too, but alas, I just dont have the confidence!


Charlotte Henderson said...

What a gorgeous collection!

taxi company said...

second coat simply divine

car insurance broker Oshawa said...

I would want to be lady in red;)