Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring theme

I wasn't sure about this one (above)--if it was taking the "vogue" too far and looking like I was trying too hard or what...

As you can see I'm wearing now only the skirt you gave me, but also using the bag (which I do like now, haha. In fact I remember one of the things I was "upset" about was that you said you thought the bag was my style, and I didn't think so when I got it, but now I'm like "what was I thinking??" idk...). I don't know if you've seen a pic of my cloche hat before. For some reason I always feel stupid when I wear it so I don't very often =-/ And this is making me LOVE knee socks, I really need to get some more pairs in different colors!!
I have the same pics plus a few extra on my FB, and also on FB in a different album is some cat/dog pics if you're interested.


Christy said...

Wow these are super Gorgeous! love them!
my least favorite is probably the first one.
I really like the second picture because the white siding is cool with the blue coat. (nice coat by the way)

Maybe the third one is a bit much.....not horribly so but it does look a tiny bit contrived.

Yay! i'm glad you don't hate that bag anymore. Also the skirt looks really good :)

I really like 6,9,10,11,13
I don't think i've seen your coat before.
I know what you mean about your cloche hat. i have certain items which in theory probably look fine on me but make me feel super ugly

Laura said...

I would have taken more pics with the first outfit (which was actually the last outfit, the order just got mixed up) but Mr Simpson was at the barn and I didn't want him to see me taking the pics XD

I have a feeling that sometimes when people give me things I would NEVER have bought myself it's actually a good thing cause it gives me the chance to try out something new. Of course sometimes this obviously doesn't work, like buying me something from Walmart :P But I find with you at least, you usually buy me stuff that isn't something I'd normally reach for, which I end up liking...ramble.

I'm positive you've seen my coat before...I took some pics of it last March when I got it. But you probably haven't seen any pics of it since.
Really glad you like them!!!