Monday, March 29, 2010


Just some things I'm inspired by lately

1: Mad Men
In particular, Betty Draper. She dresses very femiminely, with very poofy skirts and lots of pastels and florals, not really my kind of style, but I just love seeing what she'll wear next. I do like how put together she is, all the time, no matter what she's doing.

The girl who writes this blog (and I just realized I don't even know her name) has just the best style EVER. Again, it's not really "my style", but she has a wonderful way of looking very bookish and girly and adorable but sophisticated! And she always has interesting thoughts.
Her "Weird Girls" post, her thoughts on red lipstick, and literary fashion. And of course her amazing style!

3: The kind of French-Coco-Chanel-chic

In particular, this blog post, the jacket in this pic just makes me want to die of happiness! Thinking about this reminds me I want to watch the Coco Before Chanel movie...

1 comment:

Christy said...

I agree that I like what Betty is least from the pictures there.

I get what you mean about being inspired by things why not copying them exactly.