Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little wind: wish it was warmer.

The weather is frustrating. When I look out the window, I think "wow it looks lovely out and I would enjoy a walk" but then I step outside and it's much colder than I would like it to be.
Oh spring! why aren't you warmer?

Despite the conditions I nipped outside to take a few pictures with Killarney. (or just of Killarney)
I had to cut my session short though because the wind kept knocking over my camera and my camera was running out of batteries. Ya.....


Laura said...

Kilarney is soooo cute! Also, I thought of this either last night or this morning--are the colored buttons on your school sweater something you sewed on or did it come like that?

Christy said...

I sewed the button on :)