Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar fashions!

I'm not obsessed with the skirt part of the dress, but in my eyes Kate can do no wrong.
Here's three "older" women who look far more stunning then the younger ones.
If, when I grow up, I can be a mix of Helen Mirren and Meryl Strep, I will be happy :P

Well, the bodice is a bit too bra-like, but the skirt is beautiful!
I was hoping she'd have something a little more colorful, but this really grew on me.
This was one of my fav Oscar de la Renta dresses!! Yay!
Sooooooo pretty!

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Christy said...

I really like Anna Kendrick's dress. It's just the right amount of girly and glamour and because it's off the shoulder it keeps it from being too young.

I like Carey Mulligan's dress though I agree it could have been brighter

Helen Mirrin looks very classy I agree