Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inspirations post: Christy


This is going to be a post about the things that inspire my style. I'm sure I'm not aware of half the things that inspire me but I'll give this a go.

All the right moves by One Republic
This song/video makes me think about how what we wear says so much. I'm not sure why but it inspires me to be adventurous and to think about what motivates me. It's about connections and having them. I'm sometimes not sure if I rely on my connections, my old friends, too much. This song makes me want to forge ahead, and trail blaze my own path. Cheesy? probably.....

White Dresses
As summer is approaching I've seen a lot of white dresses in magazines and pictures. I haven't acted on this yet but I've been craving white, light, floaty, drapy kinds of clothes. Even what I'm wearing today is inspired by that because I was playing with a loose draped sweater over a dress.

(credits: vanity fair, Instyle,)Zooey Deschanel in 500 days of summer is undeniably beautiful but it's in a very unconventional way. I think her style in that movie inspires me because she almost always wears skirts and dresses and looks fresh and unusual. (credit:
Mod Cloth: Not gonna lie. I love modcloth clothes. Not that I've ever been able to afford any of them but I love looking through their clothes and imagining cheaper/more accessible versions that I could rustle up.

Carey Mulligan's character in "the Greatest": I love the bright primary colours that she wears. It's bold and very visually appealing.

The clothes horse blog
: This is probably an obvious one, but the way that Rebecca mixes vintage clothes with items from stores I'm familiar with like H&M and Forever 21 is always interesting and inspiring.

There are many more things that inspire me but this is just a sampling.
In several months I'll try to do a follow up post. :)


reckless daughter said...

lovely inspirations. I just bought a new white dress over the weekend when it was sunny out and then it got cold again...too cold to wear it yet :)

Christy said...

My summer purchases sometimes get ahead of the actual weather. I bought sandals yesterday :)