Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fixed the layout.

Well I just spent like an hour fiddling with the HTML trying to put a header on our blog. it doesn't help that I know about nil when it comes to this kind of thing and the only way i figured it out was by copy-pasting some HTML code out of an old LJ layout....which worked but only after i figured out what part of the code to add the new bits too.....
but it worked at last :)

Here is just a sampling of the pictures I took of Sophie for my project. I love the different bright elements. It's so fun :)


Laura said...

OoOoOohhhh loooooove the pics of Sophie!! I adore her orange boots and bright dress thing. I like the first one, the one with the wagon, and the one with just the books best :D

And the layout is great!! I don't even know how you got those two pics blended so well.

oh and mom figured out I have a blog. It was as though she discovered I got a tattoo--
"Laura, I have to ask you something"
me: uhoh
mom: "Do you...have a blog?"
me: hehehe ummmm kinda?

it went downhill from there mostly because I didn't really want mom to find out about it and she didn't think it was bad just kept going on about it and I started laughing and it was generally not a good moment.

Laura said...

p.s. I wanna see your finished art project when its done!!

Christy said...

Glad you liked the layout :) It was kind of fluke that the blending made the tree branches line up so well. I am quite pleased about that.

i don't really understand why your mom thought it was a big deal???????