Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laura: Movie Style

I've been thinking about films latly--well, I'm always thinking about movies it seems but I have some in particular I wanted to post about. The esethtics of these three movies just seemed so perfect, "artsy", and inspiring. And, *cough* I actually haven't seen the first one yet cause it's not playing near me, but I read the book, so does that count? ;)

Never Let Me Go

I so can't wait to see this! The book was really special--the sort that stays with you after you're done and that you want to go on and on. The character of Ruth (played by Keira in the film) fascinated me. She seemed the most realistic of the characters, the sort you could actually find in real life. I would describe her as a bit of a control freak, needy--needing love, acceptance, popularity. She has this very specific way of how she wants everything to go and she struggles to create a world through fabrications, her imagination, or her own will that matches up to how she wants things to be. I'm not saying that's the way to be, but I know I recoginized bits of myself in her (hopefully not to that extreme) and although her character is portrayed as rather bothersome at times, I could see why she was the way she was.

I have to admit I'm insanely wanting hair like Keira's now. But we all know how blunt bangs go...aka, not very well, probably unless you're Keira or some other form of super-being. :P
If you've seen this, what did you think? Did it live up to the book, or was it even better (as some are saying)?

The Lovely Bones

As a story, I wasn't particularly interested in this movie. The whole inbetween/heaven thing was just blah, seemed like the story couldn't find a direction (find the killer? or have your first kiss?) But I loved the visuals, the movie takes place in the 70's and everything is saturated with color.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

This is such a weird movie, I just have to say that :P I found it really confusing at first, so I'd reccomend reading a synopsis or something before starting. Lily Cole is probably the only model-turned-actress who's actually good!
The whole movie was something I wanted to live in--tumbling orange hair, crazy costumes, embroidered dressing gowns worn as coats, living in a caravan...I do wish it had won the Oscar for Art Direction, but Avatar beat it out (not surprisingly, although unfortunate). By the end of it the whole thing felt like a dream where things change every second and the randomest things a good way. Definetly need a imagination to see this!


I'm sure you've all seen this floating around on various blogs...seems like it's the latest "craze". I just recently saw the movie, having read the book months ago. The movie would have been perfect except for something they did with the ending--the movie is tamer in that aspect, but less interesting, in my opinion, then the book's ending.
Otherwise...the costumes, the sets, the casting...utterly perfect. :D The boarding school mixed with a touch of exotic flair from Eva Green with a dash of elicit love, fear, jealousy, and desire make for a intoxicating ride :D

So there you go. Basically what I've been watching really recently. Hope this post wasn't toooo image-heavey and didn't clog up your computers! XD Have you guys seen anything amazing latly? :D


PrincessMia said...

Yay, Eva Green!

I looked up Never Let Me Go, but I don't know if it's in theaters here or not.

And thanks do a ridic virus, I have never seen Lovely Bones :P

Christy said...

Ohh I love all the photos in this post. Nice selection! I'll have to read "Never let me go" before I tell you my opinion on it compared to the movie.

fhen said...

those are lovely inspirations!
havent watched never let me go before, but it looks interesting..hmmm

KANI said...

wow i've never heard of cracks but the shot of the two girls sitting with one wearing a headscarf is so beautiful, i love the clothes they are wearing and i've jotted down these movies to rent and watch this summer!


Fashionista said...

thank u for you comment in my blog :)

xo, Lorine

milk said...

All of these movies look so incredible! i need to see these!

Annie♥ said...

Well, i have only watched Lovely Bones..and it was really good! as for the other i hear they are really great as well!
This is a great blog and really inspiring! Congarts!i'll be following!