Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laura: Celeb style

I've got some quite good pics for this round!

I should love this picture because my two favorite actresses are in it...but Keira's skirt waist (or lack thereof) is a bit distracting. I do love her blouse and her shoes! And Carey's dress is cute, and the usually icky color manages to look fab on her.
This picture? Eeeeh....I'm just not feeling it. The chunkiness of Kiera's heels doesn't suit the look, and Carey wearing what appears to be a sundress not only drags her down but also makes her look like she's in the middle of sweltering hot July. So let's just focus on the eye candy of the pic, Andrew Garfield... ;)
Helen Mirren--Stunning!
I believe this is Lara Stone. Love it! Unusual, and the mask makes me think of Marie Antoinette!
Taylor's been turning out some surprisingly sweet looks latly. This is one I'd nab, especially the shoes!
Krysten Ritter perfects the Mod look.
I really like the color combination of the sweater and dress that Anna Wintour is wearing.

My temp job just ended, so I'm back to sleeping in, lol. And job hunting. :( However I'm going with friends to Michigan this weekend, so that's quite exciting!! :D


Amber Rose said...

You should overthrow Joan Rivers and host Fashion Police! ;)

sweetdisposition said...

haha i agree with above! although, i actually really like kiera's first look- i think the pattern combo is really beautiful. and the mermaid green dress seems a little too iridescent/tight for me. but i agree with you on the mask :]

and ok, tay-swift, look at you! i really like this outfit. super cute

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Kiera Knightly and Krysten Ritter, very nice.

Harlow Darling said...

Oh wow, actually this has to be the HEALTHIEST I've seen Kiera...ever...I mean really...normally she looks much thinner, she actually looks sort of alright here!
The one that is distractingly thin though is Carey Mulligan...I personally think she shouldn't have her hair so short, with her boyish figure the boy cut is a bit confusing...and she has the face of a monkey, and not in a cute way, I mean, she makes the ugliest facial expressions and yet people seem to like her, why, I don't know.

Kiera atleast has a gorgeous face and is very feminine (apart from her body, which is very boyish!) but still better than Carrey.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Lara Stone's outfit and hair (it really is soooo Marie Antoinette!) and Taylor Swift just looks amazing and has a cute 50s look going, love it!

KANI said...

i love taylor swift's outfit! it's so gorgeous

PrincessMia said...

Whoa, those are some HIGH heels in the first pic O_O I love heels, but that height just looks a little painful :P

Love Keira's dress in the second pic, it'd feel cool to wear I'd imagine.

I like Taylor Swift's outfits, they're always so cutesy/girly. And I'm coming around to the high heeled oxford look, though I think I'd wear them only with jeans. They have such a high vamp and that usually annoys me with skirts/dresses.

Fashionista said...

Taylor Swift looks fresh in her new hair I think.
wanna exchange link? or just follow each other?
xo, Lorine

TheMadTwins said...

I adore Keira but you're right about the shoes ^___^

Bea said...

Good luck job hunting, Laura! I'm doing the same right now. :)

I love Carey's expression in the first photo. The dress is kind of cute even but I also wonder what went wrong in the second photo. Bad bad dress :( Plus her hair all teased like and the overdone makeup makes her look older!

Not a fan of Taylor but her dress is too adorable.

Bea from A plus B