Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laura: playing on polyvore

Do any of you guys have a polyvore account? It's basically the most fun thing ever. Kinda like playing dress-up except of course in a much more sophisticated and grown up way. I thought I'd post a few of my favorite "sets" I've done. They're all based on some of my favorite characters from books and film. I hope you enjoy :)
Atonement, Cecelia Tallis.
Bonnie, from Bonnie & Clyde.
Betty Draper, Mad Men.
Penelope Stamp, The Brothers Bloom. :D
Jill Pole, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle
Beatrix Potter

What do you think? :D If you have a polyvore account, I'd love to see what you've made--leave a link to your profile in the comments. Mine is Val_Silph.

Soo...Christy's away for her vacation now, and I get to hold down the fort. Yay :P Hopefully I can get to know you guys a bit better, and vice-versa!



Ali said...

These are all so awesome! I love the Penelope Stamp one, she seems like she has the most out there sort of style. I should get a polyvore, because it looks like so much fun. :D

Christy said...

I think the beatrix potter one is my favorite. I would totally steal all of those clothes.

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

nice mood boards!:) makes me miss my ever so neglected polyvore account=/

P.S. My big blog giveaway is not yet over. Hope you could join!:)

Love, Paxie

Meg! said...

Um... OMG JILL POLE. Have you seen the BBC Narnia adaptations from like the '80s? I used to watch The Silver Chair over and over as a kid; I even own it on DVD now! I gotta go back and watch it. I'm super inspired. <3 :D

Phuong said...

the first look is absolutely my favorite!

PrincessMia said...

Ooh love polyvore thanks to you, though you've seen all mine I think. Though I've added some new ones if you care to look....

Penelope Stamp is awesome, and love the muted tones for Jill.
I've never seen Mad Men, but those plaid pants are eeeeeeek icky :P The Atonement looks soft and airy and romantic.

I need to finish my Jane bond contest now...

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Haha! I love the Beatrix Potter mix-up!