Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laura: Film & question?

So I've been toying with the idea of starting a film blog come fall. I recently discovered this lovely one, although sadly it looks as though the author will be taking a hiatus from blogging. sad! I'd reccomend browsing through the archives though, as it's a great read.

So. What do you think? Would any of you be interested in reading a film-blog by me? I'd of course keep up with my posts here as well. :)

Anyway, here are three movies I've seen in the past couple of days, two of them rather fashiony :D

The Painted Veil
Lovely, lovely, beautiful movie. It has made me seriously want to cut my hair into a bob (which is prolly not a good idea), and wear long dropped-waist shifts. It was probably one of the most realistic love stories I've ever seen on film.

500 Days of Summer
I wasn't sure if I would like this or not--I saw about half an hr last year and Zooey's character kind of annoyed me. She seemed so perfectly quirky and interesting it was almost too much. That said, I ended up LOVING it (the ending was perfect--not giving it away tho!), and Summer's costumes were darling. :) Not to mention the extra-cute Joseph Levitt-Gordon!

Man to Man
This is one of the ones I bought on a whim at the movie store going out of businsess, and I'm so glad I snatched it up! It was very well done, not too sentamental, but touching all the same. Kristin Scott Thomas and Joseph Fiennes were exceptional, as always. Some scenes were rather hard to watch, but only because they were so well done. Anyway, I'd highly reccomend it!

What have you guys been watching latly? Any reccomendations? :D


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

The Painted Veil is the one set in China, right? If so, I also enjoyed it much more than I expected.

And I love 500 Days of Summer. I've really fallen out of love with Zooey Deschanel lately, but that film is just great, and who couldn't adore Josef Gordon Levitt's character?

I love films, but don't really read any film blogs. But if you start one, perhaps I'll read yours!


PrincessMia said...

I'd read your movie blog.....

I've heard of 500 Days of Summer, kinda wanted to see it, but never felt like getting it. Random.

augustalolita said...

i have not seen the other two but 500 day of summer has to be one of my favorite movie!! i love zooey and joseph is not too bad on the eyes either hehe :)