Monday, August 9, 2010

Laura: Calling all bloggers!

So, this isn't a post about me. This is a post about one of my all time favorite bloggers, Kate from all this happiness. Her posts are always filled with whimsical outfits and interesting thoughts. Anyway, a little while ago she entered the contest Mad Men is putting on, to win a walk-on-role on the show. Here's her pictures she entered:

Isn't she simply stunning?! I can't imagine anyone else better suited, or more deserving, to win. It'd make my day to see one of the style-blogging community get the prize!
As soon as her pics went up, she quickly collected about 6,000 votes. However the last few days they've dropped off and she's moved from the second page to the fifth. :(

Here's where you come in:

1. Vote (click here)

2. Vote every day (you can vote once a day until September 17)

3. Repost this on your own blog, and encourage your followers to repost it on theirs.

We need to get her into the top 10 female submissions by Sept 17 so she can be a semi-finalist! There tons and tons of bloggers out there in the blogosphere. I know we can rally together to help Kate move up to first page (and stay there)!


Bea said...

I completely agree. I really really hope Kater wins. She's the maddest man out there :P Her outfit and look are so authentic and perfect for the show. I'm half-hoping they will choose her anyway even if she doesn't get the most votes.

B from A plus B

Charlotte. said...

oh my, i am so voting! her look is absolutely perfect for the show.

Jaymie said...

She looks stunning, such a nice dress. love the whole look.

Juliane said...

Hi Laura,

the title of one of my blog entries you asked about is indeed a line out of a poem. The whole poem is this one:

An Autumn Greeting

"Come," said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
"Come over the meadow and we will play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold.
For summer is gone and the days grow cold."

The author is unknown.

danica said...

yay!!!! I'm so excited to learn you are a Christian as well!!! Hooray!!! We must be friends! ( it also helps that your blog is gorgeous. ) ;)

Helen said...

I keep meaning to blog about this too, Kater would be the perfect mad men girl! The photos are beautiful too.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Just voted for her!! Good luck, she is beautiful :)

Elaine said...

She definitely deserves this! She looks like she just stepped off the set.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

sweetdisposition said...

i totally agree. i think she knocked herself out, she looks amazing- like she just stepped out of the 60s.

i'm hoping she wins! i've been trying to remember to vote everyday :]

Robyn said...

She looks fantastic. Best of luck to her.

milk said...