Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christy: I'm back!

Hello everyone. I've been away in BC for the last 2 + weeks and while I didn't really think much about my blog during my trip I'm quite happy to be back.
Yesterday I moved into my new apartment with my room mate and now I'm trying to adjust to being "on my own" It's an incredibly strange feeling! I'm not sure what to think of it yet.
It still hasn't quite sunk in that if I want to eat I have to make myself food.

For most of the time I was at camp and was wearing normal practical clothes. However, on my last day I went into Vancouver with my friend Rachael and we visited a few cool vintage stores.
Here are some pictures I took, mostly all from the first store we went to.

They had an amazing dress selection. I also really liked that for the vintage clothing they usually specified the decade it was from.
Rachael isn't sure how to react to so many sequins

It was a really fun store with dresses all over the walls.

In another vintage store I tried on this dress. It fit me perfectly and was really cute in an impractical-i-would-never-wear-this-ever kind of way.
So I'm going to try to get back into the swing of blogging. I'm sorry I was absent for so long.
How are you all doing?


sweetdisposition said...

ahhh you're back! :] i'm so glad. missed hearing from you haha is that weird?

that dress is something out of a fairytale. but i know what you mean, i have no idea what occasion would call for it. a really classy date with a southern gentleman? the 50s? haha

BenchesandChandeliers said...

welcome back! such whimsical finds... love it!

PrincessMia said...

Haha yeah, no idea when you'd wear something like that :P

But yay for moving out!!

Half Dressed said...

Lol at the sequins! And that dress... not sure wher you'd wear that one! Nice to have you back :)

L x
Half Dressed

Amber Rose said...

I love that you quoted Keane for the lyrics. <3

CameronPoe2409 said...

That dress is beautiful - did you buy it?

Jaymie said...

hahah ah sequin overload.
that dress looks so perfect on!
Jaymie x

Bea said...

Been great but we missed you Christy! Good to have you back.

I really like the look of those vintage stores. Chockfull of treasure!

Bea from A plus B