Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christy: Hello Cold weather, are you sure I can't wear shorts?

Before you point out that in the pictures below I am wearing shorts I'll say that they weren't taken this week. Though I did mistakenly wear shorts yesterday and then kind of regret it.

I started taking adult Ballet classes last January and now they're getting more intense. I really wish I had started earlier because my body has finished growing and it's best to start ballet when you're younger so that your muscles get used to the weird things you're trying to make them to.
I really love it though. My friends get annoyed though because I'm often randomly stretching or dancing.

Do any of you dance?



We have pretty much the best futon ever!

outfit details: shirt-threadless, shorts- forever 21, belt-forever 21


Carys said...

I love those shorts, you look lovely!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

PrincessMia said...

I wish I could dance! The music studio next to me office has ballroom dancing on Friday night, I want to check it out :P

Last picture is awesome!

Half Dressed said...

I miss shorts :( It's far to cold for them now. Yours look great.

L x
Half Dressed