Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christy: Constitutionalism....

Constitutionalism is the subject of the essay I am at present trying to write. It's not going especially well so I'm taking a break to write this blog post.
I'm rather sad that my blogging skills have been flagging lately. I know it's a problem all bloggers have so I'm just going to plow ahead and blog a little bit until a time in my life when i have the time and inspiration to do better.

So here is what I wore the other day. I'm going to go ahead and award myself the
"worst use of self-timer on a camera" prize




Outfit details: shoes-yellow, skirt-urban outfitters, sweater-H&M, scarf-gift, tank-21, bag-Matt and Nat


Laura said...

I really like that scarf...a thought tho, I'm not really feeling the socks. Maybe wear panty-hose or tights insted?

Stevia said...

what a cute school girl look :)


Amanda said...

Cute! Love that scarf :]

Good luck with your paper!