Friday, April 23, 2010

Laura: Questions and Answers!

Christy asked me some questions, and I answered them:

1 If you had no money/reality limits what would be your ideal prom dress?
I find it hard to decide between floor-sweeping glamour, and fun cocktail lengths...either way, I'd probably go for one of the dresses from the latest Oscar de la Renta collection. If I went long, then it'd be all very retro Hollywood glamor...if short, it would be cute and colorful.

Prom Shoes? I would never wear flats, so the heels would have to be uber comfy--wedges, probably.

2. What's one thing you would love to wear but are afraid you'd feel self-conscious in?
combat boots...also I don't just think I'd feel self-conscious in them, I think they'd look bad on me XD

3. What's one fashion trend you thought was amazing when it appeared but quickly decided was awful? Those short boots/heels...I have a pair that in theory look amazing but whenever I put them on they just...somehow...don't work. It's extremely discouraging.

4. Whose hair do you covet? Juno Temple's, atm.

5.Which was your favorite dress ever worn at the Oscars? ahh....*thinks* It's kind of random, but I still really like Keira Knightley's maroon colored dress from 2006. I just think the silhoette is so elegant. I also really like a sort of silvery dress Cate Blanchette, and a oddly colored yellow one on Michelle Williams.

6. What's your favorite magazine cover you've seen recently? Probably just cause I really love Karlie Kloss, but this one grabbed my attention instantly.

7.Which male actor do you think has the best style?
Seriously, who else was I supposed to put?? Yeah, I know that's Chuck Bass...and not Ed Westwick, but still.


Christy said...

:) nice. I really like those oscar dresses. Very classy.

I know what you mean about the boots. They can be tricky.

Clare said...

So with you on the classic hollywood glamour!

Love from Tweet


PrincessMia said...

I'm not a fan of the short high-heeled boots either, especially the oxford pumps. Are they supposed to go with jeans?

Laura said...

Mia, they work best with dresses/ skirts, I think but they always ended up looking a bit stupid on me:(