Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Becoming Penelope.. Here are some handpicked items for the perfect smuggler/con artist look...just the thing for any occasion, but especially appropriate for trips to the Continent.
Remember, everything must be paired with opaque tights, combat boots, an awesome hat (sadly modcloth's summer selection did not include any hats worth mentioning)
p.s. everything but the boots are from modcloth!


Clare said...

I love the red dress and black cape, they'd look awesome with boots!

I've just launched a giveaway on my blog to win Laura Mackness for Weekday and Benefit goodies, if you're interested!

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Christy said...

ohh I like your choices :) My favorites are the boots, the white and black sweater and the green dress. though i'm not sure that style looks good one me.

also, I entered the contest :)