Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laura: silky blues and reds!

I should probably mention I didn't actually *Wear* this dress today. I mean, obviously I put it on but only for the photoshoot. I'd just gotten home from work and decided the nice weather and lighting should be taken advantage of with a photoshoot of a dress I haven't blogged about yet!
This was one of those dresses that you have no idea when or where you'll wear it, but you simply HAVE TO HAVE. I lusted after it on modcloth for months ever since it appeared, until a little while ago it turned up in the sale section at 50% off! That was as good a reason as any :P
It's 100% silk and it's actually kind of interesting because if you wanted to you could wear it inside out (the lining is a solid periwinkle color). The fit is a bit odd, and I had to sort of alter it a bit (definetly wasn't too professional of a job, hope it isn't noticeable! XD) but IT'S SO PRETTY!

Anywas. what have you all been up to???


arnique said...

You should definitely wear it out FOR REALZ. :)) I like the cross-pleated detail on the bodice. Modcloth is over-priced IMHO so sales are definitely the way to go!

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

PrincessMia said...

Definitely interesting, but in a cool way. And wow your hair is long! I love the side swept bangs.

Harlow Darling said...

SO gorgeous!!!! I love the pattern and the ruffle detail, so lovely and the colours look beautiful on you :D

In case you're interested, I'm selling all of my clothes on here;

so if there's ever a dress of mine that you've seen and liked, I'm happy to sell :D

milk said...

gorgeous pictures!!
I LOVE your hair. Fantastic.

Alice In Fashionland said...

That's such an adorable dress! Very pretty!

KANI said...

hi christy, hi laura! thanks for visiting my blog <3