Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christy: Just a normal outfit

I'm starting to get that feeling that I must have worn every single piece of clothing in my closet at least a billion times. It's a bit depressing actually. I just feel like I haven't shaken it up lately. I mean, I like this outfit but there isn't a whole lot of "wow factor."
Another problem I have been encountering lately is just about every pair of shoes I own seems to be spontaneously falling apart. So when I leave the house I have to think ahead and decide whether I would prefer to wear shoes that a)hurt my heels b)have rusting metal shoe lace holes or c)make squeaking noises when I walk.
I'm thinking of buying a pair of Tom's shoes as they look insanely comfortable.
Speaking of Insane: here's an attractive candid....
Only a month left of school! Then summer and more hours making smoothies at Liquid Nutrition! Happy times :)

Stay Classy



Amelia said...

love the specs and the candid ;) yeah shake it up girl! that's always fun.

Mama Wolf said...

This dress is cute..And Toms are a wonderful investment; cute, comfy, and they last!

xoxo mama wolf

Bea said...

That's not depressing! That's awesome. Clothes are meant to be worn and I think girls who don't need to buy new clothes all the time are the best kind.

Maybe you can do some remix challenges with your wardrobe :)

Bea from A plus B

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you are angel