Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christy: Missing you

Well, as is pretty obvious from the archives, I haven't posted for a good while. I sort of was stuck in a slump where I couldn't seem to pick up my camera or even bother to record what I was wearing.
Maybe it was the weather or the fact that school was really stressful but I didn't even glance at the blog world for the last couple weeks.
and the weird thing was I realized I really missed it, like way more than I expected. I think my blog has become more of a creative outlet than I realized. It was something I could look back on and be "hey, that's pretty cool."
I also missed being inspired by the countless talented and stylish bloggers in the blogosphere.
So ya....I"m back now. Hopefully for real this time.
Also, I changed my gmail address so if I re-friended your blog, don't be confused that their are two of me.
There's a good artist blur on this one
My expression in this one demonstrates how I feel about blogging again.

Outfit details: dress-thrifted,sweater-thrifted,leggings-HKR, scarf-gift,t-shirt, thrifted


Amelia said...

christy, you're back! i hope this time it's for good :]

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You are just too cute. I went through a blogging break... though it only lasted a week. I'm addicted!