Sunday, November 29, 2009

Froth and bubble

Come into my world I've got to show
show show you

Floaters in my eyes
Wake up in an hotel room
Cigarettes and lies
I am a child, it's too soon

So who's the girl wearing my dress
I figured out her number
Inside a paper napkin
But I don't know her address

Cardigan-H&M, Dress-Hand made from a second hand skirt, Belt-Russia,
tights (both pairs)-Sears, Crinoline-Vintage
Hotel song-Regina Spektor
(click on pictures to see larger)


Laura said...

*goes to edit this post to add "Christy" tag*

Looooove this. It's very...interesting. Actually it looks soo much like something that Helen Bonham Carter-what's-her-name would wear! You know? I'm confused about your tights. Are there two pairs? Is there a dark splotch on one?

Christy said...

ha ha thanks for the edit.

Is that a compliment about Helen Bonham Carter?
I'll take it as one.

and Ya i'm wearing two pairs of tights: one navy blue, one sheer but the sheer ones have a run, hence the large blotch